CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak

Cut reflections and boost colours
Rated 4.8 out of 5
50 Reviews

Our entry-level Circular Polarizing Filter cuts reflected (polarized) light to increase contrast and boosts colour saturation and vibrancy.


We're giving back by planting 5 trees with every item sold.

Our entry-level Circular Polarizing Filter cuts reflected (polarized) light to increase contrast and boosts colour saturation and vibrancy.



Cut reflections, boost colour saturation and increase contrast by cutting out reflected polarized light.

Polarized light can wash out images with silvery reflected light and our Polarizing Filter cuts out 99.9% of reflected light from water, glass, and non-metallic surfaces, uncovering bolder colours.

Rotate our Polarizing Filter to improve colour saturation, contrast, and remove reflections. At full polarization, our CPL creates a 1.33 f-stop light reduction.

All our circular filters come with a protective travel tin case, a recycled cleaning cloth, and recycled plastic-free packaging.


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CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak

16-layer nano-coating

Quality protection, easier to clean.

Cut polarized light

Filter out 99.9% of reflected light.

Smooth rotation

For precise adjustments.

Lifetime warranty

Quality you can trust.

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak


CPL 2Peak

Better colour saturation

Cut polarized light for more vibrant colours.

Cut reflections

Cut out polarized light for more dynamic images.

Boost contrast

Achieve stronger contrast for more vivid images.


CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak

Premium polarized glass

Coated with a 16-layer polarization nano-coating for excellent polarization, added protection, and easier cleaning.

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak

Slim magnalium rim

Our consciously designed slim rim avoids vignetting and our durable magnalium is guaranteed for life.

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak


All our filters are double-threaded for stacking filters or using screw-mount lens caps.

How to Use

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak


Find your filter size

Search your lens and find the diameter symbol Ø followed by a number (e.g. Ø58 or Ø58mm). This can be found on the front or side of your lens – this magic number is your filter size. Note: Your lens focal length (e.g. 18-55mm) is not your filter size.

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak


Place flat and screw clockwise

Graciously behold lens in one hand and place flat on lens. Gently screw clockwise until just firm. Do not over-tighten – that which goes on must one day come off.

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak


Twist until you see it

Tenderly rotate the outer rim of your CPL Filter and watch as the level of polarization changes.

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak


For best results

You’ll need to adjust your exposure setting for a 1.33 f-stop light reduction. For best results, use your CPL with landscapes, streetscapes, around water, windows, snow, clouds and ensure the sun is at 90 degrees to your lens filter.

Want some more in-depth info?

Why Use a CPL Filter for Architecture Photography?

Why Use a CPL Filter for Architecture Photography?

When it comes to shooting architecture, even the most experienced photographers find it challenging ...


Technical Specifications

CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak


CPL Polarizing Filter 1Peak
CPL Polarizing Filter 1Peak
CPL Polarizing Filter 3Peak

Filter Type

Circular Polarizer

Circular Polarizer

Circular Polarizer

Nano Coating





Japanese AGC Glass

Japanese AGC Glass

German SCHOTT B270


0.4 (1.3 Stop)

0.4 (1.3 Stop)

0.4 (1.3 Stop)


Cuts reflections. Boosts Contrast

Cuts reflections. Boosts Contrast

Cuts reflections. Boosts Contrast

As seen by you


Frequently Asked Questions

Which range of CPL should I buy?

Let the quality of your lens guide your choice. Or simply go for the best – our 3Peak professional range.

Gobe has three different ranges of filters: 1Peak (Entry-level), 2Peak (Mid-tier), and 3Peak (Professional). When deciding which range is right for you, the most important consideration is the lenses you’ll be using them on. Let the quality of your lens guide your decision because an entry-level lens filter on a professional lens may affect image quality. Our 3Peak professional range is made with German SCHOTT optical glass – considered the best optical glass in the world.

If you are still unsure which range is best for you, read our Beginner's Guide to Lens Filters and Lens Adapters.

How do I get the most out of my CPL?

Use the 90-degree rule, then back it off a bit.

To achieve the strongest polarization possible, the reflected light source needs to be at 90-degrees to your CPL. To check this, make an L-shape using your thumb and index finger. Point your thumb at the lens and wherever your index finger is pointed, that is the angle that will achieve maximum polarisation. Sometimes at full polarization, the effect can look unrealistic so we suggest you back it off a bit for a slightly softer polarization.

Can I use your CPL with wide-angle and telephoto lenses?

Yes, absolutely. We recommend our 3Peak range for telephoto lenses.

Make sure you have the right size filter and you’re all set. All our filters are designed with a super slim rim to minimise any vignetting that can occur with wide-angle lenses. Because of the amount of glass in a telephoto lens, opting for our 3Peak CPL filter will provide the best possible image quality.

What's the difference between circular and linear polarzing filters?

A circular polarizer blocks reflected light from any angle while a linear polarizer only blocks reflected light from one direction.

A CPL offers more versatility and works better with digital cameras. Both linear and circular polarizers look the same, and they both do the same thing – reduce reflections on non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass and wet surfaces, and they increase colour saturation too. A CPL filter is essentially a linear polariser with an extra glass element that allows you to adjust your lens filter to block polarised light from different directions.

How do I clean my CPL filter?

Use a premium, chemical-free glass cleaning solution, and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Our Cleaning Kit has everything you need to keep your filters cleaner for longer. Start by blowing and then brushing away the offending debris. If that works, you’re good to go. Avoid using the cleaning cloth and lens solution if it’s not necessary. If required, consciously spritz your cloth with a chemical-free cleaning solution (check that it can be used with coated glass – ours can) and, using circular motions, start wiping from the centre of the filter outwards. Read our full cleaning guide here.

"Happy I invested in this filter." – Kev bought our CPL 2Peak.

average rating 4.8 out of 5
Based on 50 reviews
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50 Reviews
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Review CPL Polarizing Filter_ 2 Peak

This is my first ever purchase of this type of Filter. I have found it to have excellent optical quality and it is superb value for money. Iam also impresed with the storage tin which does not take up space and provides excellent protection when the Filter is not attached to the lense

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Reviewed by Usman
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

High quality CPL

I really have to say that this filter is amazing. The quality is top notch. I am totally satisfied with my filter and highly recommend anyone to check out the Gobe filter! They offer you many different filters for starters and professionals as well and on top of that they support the environment by planting tress with every purchase. That is why I decided to get the filter from gobe.

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Reviewed by Zied D.
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Best compromise Quality/Price

I spent a lot of time searching for a mid range CPL filter. I ended up by buying Gobe one for these main reasons :

1. Quality of the filter (watched a lot of youtube test videos)

2. Eco-friendly approach of Gobe

3. Lifetime warranty of the product

4. Minimalist and great packaging

I recommand 100% this filter and am seeking for testing other of the same brand.

Was this helpful?
Reviewed by Brianny
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Very happy

Totally loving using this polarizer! Also I planted 5 trees when purchasing which is amazingggg!

Was this helpful?
CPL Polarizing Filter 2Peak

2500000 trees planted so far

Love the world you capture

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